External Router Housing

FEATURES 제품크기(커버포함) 재질 결합부
External Router Housing 266 X 360 X 75 PC Vesa 100 X 100

Wall Mounting Brackets

  • HD video decoder(4K@60fps and FHD 1080p@60fps)
  • HD video encoder (1080p @ 30fps)
  • 3D Graphic with OpenGL ES1/2/3.0 and OpenVG 1.1 DriectX11
  • I2S Master & Slave Interface for Audio
  • Supporting Video format : MPEG1/2/4,AVI,WMV,MKV,MOV,VP8,H.263/264/265…
  • Supporting Audio format : MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG,AAC,FLAC,3GP
  • Supporting Picture format : JPG,BMP,PNG
  • Support Internet browse
  • Adobe Flash Player (V11.1 or later)
  • Apps in Google Play Store
  • Support Digital Living Network Alliance
  • Support Multi Window
  • PMU (Power Mange Unit) Included

DC-DC Converters

타입 전압 전류값 내용
DC-DC Converter
(4 pin)
220vac > 20-90vdc 출력선 케이블 길이 1.8M (4 pin 수축튜브) 입력선 1M
DC-DC Converter
(2 pin)
220vac > 20-90vdc 출력선 케이블 길이 1.5M (몰딩 2pin) 입력선 1M

GPS Receiver & Antenna

FEATURES 제품크기 코드길이 정격전압 인터페이스 통신방식
GPS Smart Antenna 38 X 50 X 17 1.5m DC 3.3 ~ 5V USART Serial

External Antenna

케이블 길이 커넥터 타입 Frequency LTE Band Gain(Peak)
External LTE Magnetic Antenna 155mm, 35Ø -40℃ ~ +80℃ 2m / Black SMA Male 700MHz ~ 4GHz B1, B3, B8 4dBi

Interface Cables (RS232, RS485, CAN)